Personal Aircraft VE-100

Vertical Electric air vehicle with variable pitch blades and tiltable ducts

Forward flight mode, oblique view

Hover mode

Breakdown in hover mode
Our simple Vertical Electric powered model designs eliminate the drop-down gearbox used on our patented turbine models.
The animated break-apart picture of the VE-100 ​electric​ ​design ​shows utilization​ of stacking multiple​ ​electric motors transversely​ ​​with the drive shaft running through the 4 motors. This illustrates the operation of our ​variable powered ​linear ​common driveshaft (VPLD).

Power Source Options


Heat source engines

Electric Hybrid




Electric: 1-2 Occupants

Turbine: Scalable up to higher occupancy



The one-place aircraft (VE-100) is currently undergoing design modifications. This includes the possibility of outboard props in lieu of ducts.



Designs for the two-place and three-place aircraft are in the works.